Fri 16 Dec 2011
Spennymoor Town Band once again visited Beamish Musuem to contribute musically to the festive theme!

Photo courtesy and copyright Paul J White.
Wed 16 Nov 2011
Celebrate the opening of the Winter season at County Durham's open air musuem with Spennymoor Town Band on Saturday 19th November.

Photo for Go with the blow
Sun 14 Aug 2011
Calling all players of wind instruments or people returning or switching to brass instruments!

Sun 17 Jul 2011
As part of the Durham International Brass Festival, Spennymoor Band joined the Xarxa Teatre company to help perform in their street theatre production of Les Rates Mortes.

Mon 11 Jul 2011
Once again, Spennymoor and Lanchester joined forces and enjoyed another Durham Big Meeting.