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Spennymoor Youth Band are a nominated Charity for the current ASDA Spennymoor Community Life Grant.

Spennymoor Youth Band, who provide free tuition and loan of a brass instrument to many children and young people, are a nominated Charity for the current ASDA (Spennymoor) Community Life Grant.

Green tokens are available at the tills and can be placed in the container at the front of the store (cash donations are welcome too). The charity who receives the most tokens receives the £200 grant.

Thank you for your support!

Other worthy causes are Dementia friends and UK Recovery Walk (helping those affected by addition and their families), so get shopping!

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Tue 13 Dec 2016
Tonight it was the pleasure of the members of Spennymoor Youth Band (Ian Langthorne) to entertain the residents of Clarence Court Residential Home.

Sat 24 Sep 2016
Principal players from Reg Vardy Band deliver free individual and group masterclasses.

Photo for Free Tuition Evening
Mon 9 Mar 2015
Please come along and join in with our Free Tuition and Free Use of instruments.